The web marketing strategy best suited: SEO or PPC?

The success of your business, costs you time and effort. Why in the web marketing it should be different?
In the internet also, aiming to an easy and swift strategy, can apparently give positive results, but to obtain stable and lasting results it is necessary to work with constancy. In the very competitive industry such the tourism, to be present is not enough: it is necessary to appear, or even better to be among the first reults of search engines.

To reach this important goal you should rely on a PPC (Pay Per Click) strategy, easy and fast, or on a SEO advaced one, certainly more articulated, but with certain results in the long term.
Both strategies offer different advantages, it is advisable to exploit both, however if the circumstances require to use only one, it is important to keep in mind the two key factors: EFFECTIVENESS and COST.

Which is the system that guarantees an increase in ROI?
Every day million of people use search engines to find information related to products or services. According to statistics (Sems/NetExplora 2009 for Italy confirms the trends at international level) the natural results (or organic as distinct from the sponsored or paid one) are the most visible in the majority of search engines, are considered more reliable and attract up to 80% clicks from users.

In term of costs, which strategy is more convenient?
Usually compared to PPC, a SEO strategy requires a greater initial investment, but is the final expense that should be considered: SEO works constantly for site optimization by implementing changes, introducing innovations useful to increase the ranking of your site in search engines and increase free traffic.
PPC costs significantly less, but have you ever thought that PPC is an advertising, that as any ad it should always be paid? Hence in the long term PPC investment may be more expensive than SEO.

Anyone can start a PPC campaign, but how many, especially in the tourism world, can count on a good positioning on search engines and be able to respond promptly to the needs of its target market?
Paraphrasaing a famous ad “there are things that cannot be bought” among these there certainly the positioning on search engines.

Make your Pay Per Click more effective. Flank to the PPC campaign the most innovative activities of Search Engine Optimization.
Only in this case you will get:

  • keyword analysis and optimization of all the contents of the website;
  • link building from external sites, article marketing, blogging and online articles;
  • working with a team of SEO experts and receiving periodic reports on developed activities.

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