What does SEO mean?

We shall start from a defininition: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists on a whole of set of tecniques and marketing strategies necessary to place a website at the top of search engines.
In practice, SEO strategies serve to make your site more attractive to search engines. The SEO specialist in fact works to ensure that a site is well indexed, modifying and integrating all the components of an internet site: URL, HTML code, structure, link, files, attachments, texts, images, graphics.

Why so much talk on SEO?
Because search engines are the compass of internet users. In fact the search engines do respond to the requests for information in the network, working contantly to index, store and maintain million of pages to be made available in a fraction of a second.
To refine the search and allow users to find, in a little time, what they look for, the search engines use algorithmes more and more “demanding” and complexes that are no longer satisfied with just meta tag and keywords.
At this point SEO strategies are involved, which second the algorithmes in optimizing a website and semplify the life for search engines and succed, at the same time, to climb the serp (list of natural results of search engines)

What benefits can I get by optimizing my website?
When it comes to the internet you must consider several factors with high variability that can interfere, for best or for worse, with an optimized project.
In principal, however, it is possible to summarize the main benefits of an effective SEO strategy with:

  • increased visibility
  • qualified user visit
  • increased conversion rate looker/booker
  • increased ROI
  • increased brand popularity

How long does it takes to see first results?
Optimizing a internet site is a complex task in which the SEO specialist must constantly deal with various activities such as:

  • analysis of the structure and pages of the whole website.
  • identifying to most suitable SEO strategies.
  • analyze, maintenance and improvement of obtained performances.

Investire in una seria strategia SEO significa quindi impegnarsi in un progetto di medio-lungo termine che porta ad ottenere risultati importanti (ma non immediati).

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