To what it serves the Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the Marketing that deals with generating visibility in Social media, Virtual Communities and all the different platforms of the Web 2.0. The aim is to increase your visibility and above all to create a relationship with your clients.

Is my site well positioned, it is not enough?
No, it is not enogh for your site to have a good ranking position in the search engines: to increase sales a good website is important, but is not the only factor, in fact, in the client’s final decision, intervene external variables to the site, including, and above all, the trust.

Why to resort to Social Media Marketing?
More and more often, before buying a product or service on the internet, the potential client makes the simplest gesture that you can imagine: he looks for information on the product or service by turning to people that have already purchased it. In this way the Web has revolutionized the traditional E-Commerce. Through the net of social network, blogs and portals for the publication of video, pictures and comments, anyone can, in a few clicks, find some unofficial information about your activity.

My site is complete and detailed, what else is the client looking for?
He looks for personal opinions, experiences of other users, in other words he is asking if he can trust your site. Today the user is more experienced and familiar with the dinamics of the Web. He knows that an official website is a showcase that does not offer certainty on the real quality of products/services offered.

What can I do to increase clients’ confidence?
Act like as a customer: immerse yourself in the virtual arena that consist of blogs, social network and other 2.0 types. Try to develop some conversation concerning your activity, ask the opinion of other members, answer to those that speak badly of you, express your reasons. Share with your former clients images, video and opinions. In a nutshell: do Social Media Marketing.

But is doing well my job not enough to have a positive opinion expressed on my activity?
Your job is to confront yourself every day with the many and varied demands of clients. In this context, it may occur, that even working with great care, you may get some complaints from your guests. In the era of Web 2.0 a dissatisfied client is a wondering mine for your reputation. A negative comment, at times, is stronger than a positive one.

How to avoid beig overwhelmed by social media.?
The important thing is to act. You should know that someone could speak about your activity, hence you rather prefer to speak of your business or let other do it for you? Not taking advantage of social media marketing is to leave your own reputation in the hands of others, including competitors.

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