Do you wish to survive in the sea of internet? Ride the wave of Tripavisor

Surveys confirm this: internet is an essential element in the univers of travel and is emerging as the preferred booking tool for travelers from all over the world[1].
Have you ever asked what is the first thing a traveler does looking for a destination and an hotel? He consults Tripadvisor.
Tripadvisor is the largest virtual community of travelers of the world: more than 25 million visitors each month, more than 10 million affiliate and over 25 million reviews and opinions.

The advantages of TripAdvisor
It is advisable to verify periodically your presence on Tripadvisor, this is useful to audit the quality/image of your Hotel, and in case of positive comments, this will result in free publicity.

In case of negative comments?
A criticism is never pleasant, especially on a portal used by million of users. What you can do is to try to contain it, curb it and avoid that it jeopardizes your credibility.
Paradoxically, a negative comment can be a useful tool as it:

  • highlights gaps in the services offered;
  • helps to focus on the problems needed to intervene;
  • offers ways of improving the quality of the offer;
  • allows the hotelier the opportunity to answer directly to the users.

This last is perhaps one of the advantages on which to use at best Tripadvisor. A drawback can always happen, but what is the best answer to a negative opinion expressed by a dissatisfied client, if the one provided by the hotelier himself who intervenes in the discussion on his hotel and explains, to the party concerned and to all the users, the reasons of the inefficient service?!

The doubt
Some hoteliers are wary of the veracity of the comments and think that Tripadvisor can be used by competitors, without knowing that the validity of the reviews left on this portal is guaranteed by appropriate control measures.

An advice
Like it or not, Tripadvisor will continue to be the virtual cross-roads of tourists of the whole world. Do not be overhelmed by the spiral of comments on your Hotel, be them positive or negative. When someone speaks about your Hotel, express your point of view, taking advantage of every opportunity that the site has to offer:

  • reply to the comments;
  • invite guests in departure to leave a comment on Tripadvisor;
  • add pictures and notes to supplement the existing information;
  • send to Tripadvisor articles or reviews about your Hotel.

[1 IX inquiry Barometro Ipsos – Europ Assistance (http://

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